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Roger Saunders, August 2021

Hornet is the brand name of models © Roger Saunders, trading as Roger Saunders & Associates

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Hornet model soldiers

Hornet products are unpainted and unassembled scale models intended for hobbyists.

These kits are not suitable for small children, and are not recommended for anyone under 14 years old.

They contain small parts, and may cause harm if ingested.

Illustrated catalogue

Download catalogueMany thanks to Steven Mahalko for providing this downloadable version of the catalogue. It provides a quick reference for the complete Hornet range, and I hope that customers will find it useful.

Download catalogue [PDF]


About this site

This is now an on-line catalogue, and I no longer make direct sales.

I also occasionally post news on Facebook as ‘Roger Saunders’.

The address for email is - but please explore this website before emailing any questions. Most of the queries I get are already answered somewhere on the website!

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Buyer Beware: Piracy and copyright

All rights reserved. Hornet models are copyright © Roger Saunders 1987-2021.

Copying by any other source is an infringement of internationally recognised copyright laws and is not permitted.

No recasting

Beware of scams used by ‘Pirate’ copyists. They will often use pictures of the genuine product, often downloading them from their victim’s own website, but will actually sell inferior recasts. For more information, click on the ‘Piracy’ link.

Roger Saunders
August 2021